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The Body, Spirit & Soul of Plants - 2pm


Learn through the lens of alchemy to explore the differences between the "body" of the plant in decoction, infusion and tincture; the "spirit" of the plant in energy form (essence & tincture); and the "soul" of the plant (through oil). Find out how to best interact with these aspects of the plants to support a healthy life & personal healing.

Interaction with plants from a shamanic and alchemical perspective.

Speaker - Rebekah Gamble / Embody Healing

Rebecah is a holistic practitioner and the CEO of Embody Healing, LLC. She runs a private practice in Pittsburgh PA where she offers more than 60 modalities ranging from herbalism and nutrition to shamanism and meridian therapy. Her fifth book, Map to Otherworld, was released last month.

Website: http://www.rebekahgambleholisticpractitioner.com