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Mindfull Tea with Dr. Richard King - 2pm


Mindfulness  practices are simple yet challenging  exercises that develop  calm awareness, stability of attention, health, wellness, impulse control, and  habit change.  

A Mindful Tea  is a way of tea drinking that focuses on such practices. Come and join Dr.King for this one of a kind tea exercise.

Here is how it will start:
*To begin, create the intention to sit up balanced and awake to your present moment sensations, accepting your experience in this present moment.  Set your intention to be open to experiencing the cup of tea in front of you with all your senses.  Check in with your breathing.  What is your internal weather report?.....

 “A Mindful Tea” is an informal mindfulness exercise.  To learn more about mindfulness exercise, what it is, what it does, and how to do five other mindfulness exercises, please visit


 If you would like to develop a daily mindfulness practice, attend mindfulness workshops, or participate in a 3-week online mindfulness training, please contact Dr. Richard King at kinggaines@comcast.net

Speaker - Dr. Richard King

Dr. Richard King studied Pavlovian conditioning of endorphin as a risk factor for the development of addiction and psychopathology at the University of Pittsburgh.  He began practicing Tai Chi, yoga, and meditation in high school.  He is inspired by the poetry of Thict Nat Han to apply mindfulness practice to becoming a better husband and father.   He frequently teaches mindfulness in schools, summer camps,  and universities.  He practices mindful walking with his dog, Jake.