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Tea Mythology: Legend of Pu-Erh - 5:30pm


Learn about this unique type of tea from Yunnan China. What is Pu-Erh? History / legend of Pu-Erh. Misconceptions of Pu-Erh. Pu-Erh is compared to fine wine because Pu-Erh tea is the ONLY tea that appreciates in value over time!  Instead of expiring, Pu-Erh's taste becomes richer, bolder, and earthier.  Learn about Teanami.

Speaker - Johnny Shieh / Teanami

 Johnny Shieh grew up in an agricultural family in Taiwan.  For generations they planted tea, made tea, and drank tea.  They drank a lot of tea.  As a life-long tea enthusiast and committed explorer, Johnny has travelled the world and witnessed world class artisans create perfectly brewed cups of tea.  In 2008, Johnny moved to Mainland China, discovered and instantly fell in love with Pu Erh.  He was fascinated and amazed by the beauty of Pu Erh.  After years of studying and learning about the tea, he started Teanami in 2015 with the mission to promote and educate Pu Erh tea drinking.